Tonal Strength Training System

Peloton’s screen-enabled, trainer-driven routines have revolutionized home aerobics. Tonal aims to do the same for strength training. Tonal combines revolutionary equipment, expert-led videos, and personalized guidance into full body workouts you can do on demand from the convenience of home.

Expert coaches guide and motivate you with step-by-step video workouts incorporating hundreds of exercises. Challenge yourself with weight settings and workout suggestions personalized to you and your goals. This sleek, wall-mounted system uses an algorithm-controlled electromagnetic resistance engine to replace metal plates and gravity.

These “digital weights” adjust in single-pound increments as you gain strength, can adjust mid-set if you’re struggling, and work in conjunction with the unit’s arms and accessories to replace a gym full of equipment. The quality of each rep is measured in real-time providing unprecedented feedback and performance data so you always know how you’re progressing.

A built-in screen guides you through each exercise, shows real-time data on how you’re doing, recommends workouts based on your baseline and goals, and can give you an overview of where you are on your fitness journey, helping you achieve your goals quickly, and without the need to leave your home.

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