Supercar Vending Machine

The 15-Story Supercar Vending Machine

For decades, the toy company Matchbox has sparked the imaginations of preschoolers with their neat store displays of detailed die-cast sports cars and classic sedans. Now, grown-ups can realize the fantasy of picking out their dream car at a real-life Matchbox-inspired showroom Autobahn Motors in Singapore.

Pick a car, pick a color, and Autobahn Motor’s automobile vending machine will deliver it at the push of a button.

With a touch of an iPad button, the dealer can retrieve any vehicle in the 15-story, glass-fronted building. While waiting for their car to be collected—a process that takes about 2 minutes—the customer is shown a video that introduces the model of the car. “We want it to be a sensory experience that includes sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste,” says Hong. “The sound system is set up so you can feel the base while watching the video.” The scent piped into the showroom was specially curated from a French perfumery, and Hong hopes to introduce the “taste” component in the near future. “We’re thinking of offering wine to classic car buyers and whiskey to sports car enthusiasts,” he says. Once the car arrives on the ground floor, it rotates on a turntable illuminated by spotlights.

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