Where Samsung Galaxy S9 beats iPhone X

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 might be the new king of the smartphone world. Looking at the reviews that are trickling out for the soon to be released phone we’ve found a few areas where the S9 has a leg up on its top competitor Apple’s iPhone X.

The Display

When it comes to displays the S9 beats its competitors, most notably the iPhone X, in nearly every aspect ranging from color accuracy to custom settings. The measurements were taken in Soneira’s lab and the S9 came out on top in color gamut, contrast ratio, screen reflectance and viewing angle tolerance.

There are some scenarios where iPhone X has a higher brightness, but if you’re really into color you’re probably more concerned with the color gamut settings, adjustable white points and many other items where the S9 shines. The high performance of the display make it so you could grade footage, not to mention the excellent view of your beautiful shot photos and video.

Headphone Jack

It’s surprising that the headphone jack has become a smartphone battle ground. Google’s Pixel 2 followed Apple’s lead and removed their headphone jack, but Samsung has kept the 3.5mm connection on the S9.

Let’s check the arguments regarding audio quality and design principles at the door. It’s simple, having the headphone jack is better than not having it.

Fingerprint Scanner

One of the features that has disappeared from the iPhone for some reason is the fingerprint scanner. It’s familiar and functional, but Apple decided to get rid of it. Samsung on the other hand kept it around and moved it to a better location.

The positioning is a lower, central position. Making it easier for small hands, more intuitive, all while keeping the familiarity of past devices to use your fingerprint for logging in or authorizing payments.

The slow mo

Samsung’s new  phone has some impressive specs and features, but  the 960 fps slow motion really stands out. It’s not revolutionary, but when you compare it to the iPhone X’s 240fps it’s light years ahead.


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