Robot Valet Service

It’s a lot easier to pull a trailer than it is parking one, at least that was the case until now. Trailer Valet RVR is looking to remove the hassle of parking your trailer or boat from the equation. Their remote-controlled assistant is powered by either two or four planetary gear motors capable of driving both single and double axle trailers. Industrial-style caterpillar treads provide traction in a variety of terrain and the included base + ball fits most hitch sizes. Available in three models capable of handling 3,500 lb, 5,500 lb, and up to 9,000 lb trailers.

A trailer-moving robot might not be the most exciting robot in the world, but for $2,100 you can buy a miniature tank that pulls things around for you. For $3,400, you get a model that can handle 5,500 pounds, for $4,100 it’s capable of moving 9,000 pounds. That good bang for your buck in our book!

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