New Levels of Health

The ratio of CO2 to O2 has been monitored by world-class athletes for years. It’s been something that hasn’t been used by every day Joes because of the costly equipment and required trip to a medical center. World-class athletes have been using the ratio of carbon dioxide (CO2) to Oxygen (O2) consumed to help modify their diets for years, but it’s previously required costly equipment and usually means a trip to a medical center. However, those days are now behind us.

Lumen’s Metabolism Tracker uses patented technology to let you take advantage of the same technology wherever you are, using a single breath. By measuring that ratio, it’s able to tell whether your body is currently burning fat or carbs, adjust your diet accordingly, tell you if you’ll have enough energy for your next workout, and give you insights into how the food you consume affects your body. It only needs placed on the included charging dock once every couple weeks and includes a travel case to protect its soft-touch plastic and stainless steel form.

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